Donation and Grant Policy

Our company can make donations and grants to foundations, organisations, education and training institutions, public institutions and organisations by approval of the Management and within the framework of principles stated in Capital Market Board and Turkish Code of Commerce.

During such donations and grants, related regulations of Ministry of Finance are taken into consideration and organisations which are subject to tax exemption are given priority. With respect to the type, amount of donation and selection of the addressee institution, organisation or non-governmental organisation of the donation, compliance with social responsibility criteria is regarded. Besides these, donations and grants can be made to foundations, organisations, etc. which have been established in order to operate in the same activity field with the company.

Detailed information is given in Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the related year with relation to all donations and grants made within the period. As a matter of fact, in General Assembly of our company, the shareholders have been informed about the donations and grants made within the period.