Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Department implements up-to-date and strategic human resources practices in coordination with the other departments, that are in compliance with the Company’s vision, mission and core values, based on success, and with the awareness that human is the most effective resource for a company to achieve its targets.

Our human resources policy aims to;

Carry our Company to the future and achieve our long-term targets with employees carrying the Company spirit, who are highly motivated, satisfied with their jobs and have high performance.

Within this context, our main principles are as follows;

  • Provide a suitable environment for our employees where they can improve themselves both personally and professionally; organize training plans in order to enhance the employees’ know-how, skills and personal development,
  • Measure and evaluate performance based on objective criteria,
  • Award high performance, provide support for the improvement of performance that is under the expectations,
  • Provide and sustain a working environment that is safe, healthy and peaceful by means of occupational health and safety,
  • Organize periodical events in order to increase the employees’ morale and motivation, Establish a sense of belonging, unity and solidarity using social activities,
  • Take precautions that would increase efficiency, and improve working conditions.

Employment Policy

The most important resource behind our success is our employees. Therefore, our essential goal in the selection and placement process is to fill the vacant positions with persons having qualifications and skills suitable for our Company policies.

Our Human Resources Department provides all candidates equal opportunities, and follows the principle of non-discrimination by race, religion, language and gender.

Our selection and placement procedure is realized completely in accordance with the rules specified in our “Employee Request and Employment Procedure”.

Suitability of the candidate for the vacant position are assessed based on the existing job descriptions.

Human Resources department and the relevant department head makes two different interviews with the potential candidates. Candidates who are successful in the interviews undergo a personality inventory, a foreign language test and other tests that may be required based on the vacant position.

Training Policy

Our Company, realizing human as one of the most important capital items, act under the principle of continuous investment in human resources. Within this context, all of our employees undergo various training programs that would improve their professional and personal development. Training programs are prepared based on the performance evaluations throughout the year, as well as the requirements of the position, and such programs are implemented within the year.

Our company places special emphasis on employee health and safety, and organizes various Occupational Safety and First Aid training programs throughout the year.

Indemnification Policy

Our Company’s indemnification policy is established based on the Labor Law No.4857.

Within this context;

The employee termination benefits are paid to the employees whose employment has ended due to one of the reasons provided in the Law No.4857 and who have a seniority of a certain period, or to their heirs if such employees are deceased, as per Articles 14, 24 and 25 of the same Law and based on the employment period and wage of such employees.

As per Article 17 of Law No.4857, the notice pays may either be paid to the employee in cash, or by notifying the employee that his/her employment shall be terminated and granting the employee a leave to find a job, for a period that would vary based on his/her seniority.